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Welcome to the Adventist Defense League. Accross the internet world many have risen claiming that they have discovered Ellen White to be a false prophet, and that as a result the whole Adventist movement is false. Among the many accusations, there is one list we have spent much time investigating. Its a list compiled by critics Dirk Anderson and Robert K. Sanders, claiming that Ellen White contradicted the bible at least eight times. The following is our response to these allegations:

1. Did Satan Deceive Adam?

At one point Ellen White said that Adam “was deceived in a simular way.” The claim is that she went against 1 Timothy 2:14, which says that Adam was not deceived. But was everything she said considered?


2. Was Israel destroyed by Gluttony?

Is there a difference between gluttony a lust? Our critic seems to think so. Find out for yourselves.


3. Can we be certain of our salvation?

Was Ellen White really saying that we can not be certian of our salvation? Or was she trying to teach something else? Those who believe in “once saved always saved” seem to be the ones who mostly have a problem with this one. Let’s read what she meant together.


4. A sin to be sick?

Ellen White said that it is a sin to be sick… but, what did she mean by that? Could it be that she was talking about our sinful choices, which will produce sickness?


5. Christians to make trespass offerings?

Our critics use Hebrews 10:12,18 against a comment made by Ellen White in an article addressed to women and the way they dressed in her days. Why did she end her article with this comment?


6. Who spoke to Cain?

Sometimes Ellen White reffered to Jesus as an Angel, as the bible has often done as well. What exactly was our critic trying to tell us with this one?


7. Is Jesus the Almighty God?

In a half-quoted sentence penned by Ellen White, it seems like she is saying that Jesus was not God. But, what happens when we quote the entire sentance?


8. Does God hate wicked children?

In a couple of letters written to her children from countries like Austrailia, Ellen White urged her children to maintain their relationship with Jesus. Find out what she meant when she made the above comment.



Other Topics of interest:

The Sabbath replaced?

Many have diffirent interpretations of the passages found in Hebrews 3 and 4. Some say that the Seventh day rest has been replaced by “Today.” Other’s admit they cant understand what Paul was speaking about in chapter 3 or 4. So we’ve decided to take another look at these two chapters and see what was the “rest” Paul was speaking about. We have gathered three rests mentioned therein, do all these apply for the Christian walk today? You decide.

There are only eight places in the New Testament that mention the first day of the week. 1 Corinthians 16:1 is one of them. But… does this verse really prove the first century christians kept Sunday as a holy day rather then the Sabbath? Follow us through this study as we examine every verse, one by one, along with the original greek words and their meanings.

In Hebrews 6:19 is found the phrase “within the vail.” This seems to be the critics favorite verse to use when attacking the Adventist doctrine of the Investigative Judgement. Yet, when we read this verse for ourselves, we find that the surrounding context dousn’t even tell us whether “within the vail” means the first apartment of the sanctuary or the second. In this study we not only consider the verses our critic’s use to make the claim that this proves Jesus immediatly upon ascending to heaven entered the second apartment, we also stay within the book of Hebrews itself to show why we disagree with them.

Our favorite study yet! Within Romans 7 we constantly read Paul saying he is “dead” to the law, but this logically asks the question: Which law? Was it the 10 commandments? The Sabbath law? Or could he have actually been speaking about “another” law… a law most of us probably are not even aware of? Read what we have discovered… and you decide!

Dissecting the Word of God:

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (greek: dissecting) the word of truth.”
-2 Timothy 2:15


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With over 13 years of experience in apologetics, evangelism and youth directing, Edwin has worked with various ministries both in English and Spanish. Having had the opportunity to travel to various states in the USA, and also to Venezuela and Mexico, he has enjoyed the privilege of conducting evangelistic meetings and apologetics seminars. His education includes training in the Medical Field, Adult Education at Valencia College, Biblical Hebrew with the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, and Evangelism with Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism. He is furthering his academic studies in theology while also working as a bible worker for the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Ordained as an elder, Edwin's passion for ministry begins first at home with his wife and kids.

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