Sermon: Fence Sitting

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Fence Sitting
by Edwin M. Cotto

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INTRODUCTION: Illustration: A vegetable squash stuck between a fence.

BODY: The Biblical Pattern:

  1. Prophet A announces a message.
  2. The message is a time prophecy.
  3. Prophet B appears at the end of the time prophecy.
  4. Prophet B is instrumental in calling out a remnant.

EXAMPLE 1: ENOCH  <——————-120 year probation——————–> NOAH. SEE: Genesis 6:3

  1. 120 years probation (not life-span – Noah lived an extra 350 years extra) SEE: R&H, Sept. 19, 1907, para. 4.
  2. Methuselah in Hebrew means “when he dies, it will come” – His life was a warning message!
  3. If you were there, which side of the fence would you have been in?

EXAMPLE 2: ABRAHAM  <——————-400 Year captivity——————–> MOSES. SEE: Genesis 15:13

  1. If you were there, which side of the fence would you have been in?

EXAMPLE 3: JEREMIAH  <——————-70 Year captivity——————> EZRA / NEHEMIAH. SEE: Jeremiah 29:10

  1. They built their lives in Babylon (verses 5-6)
  2. If you were there, which side of the fence would you have been in?

EXAMPLE 4: DANIEL  <————–490 Year captivity————-> JOHN THE BAPTIST. SEE: Daniel 9:24 (on screen)

  1. Compare to “the time is fulfilled” -Mark 1:15
  2. If you were there, which side of the fence would you have been in?

EXAMPLE 5: DANIEL  <——————-2300 Year Prophecy——————–> ELLEN G. WHITE. SEE: Daniel 8:14

  1. From 457 BC (year of Cyrus’ decree and beginning of the 490 years) to 1844 AD = 2300 years.
  2. Who was the prophet in 1844? Ellen G. White.
  3. Restoration of truth began through intense Bible study – such as: Sabbath, Law, Health, SOP, etc.
  4. Ellen’s prophecy about diseased animals comes true!
  5. If you were there, which side of the fence would you have been in?
  6. Satan raises FALSE RELIGIONS during Ellen’s time / Satan raises FALSE RELIGIONS during Daniel’s time

EXAMPLE 6: GOD’S PEOPLE  <——————-1000 Year Prophecy——————–> END. SEE: Revelation 20:6

  1. One more time prophecy to begin soon?
  2. If there is a “first” resurrection there must therefore be a “second” resurrection – 
  3. TWO SIDES OF THE MILLENNIUM – A FENCE – but decisions must be made before the 1000 years begin!
  4. WHEN that moment comes, which side of the fence WILL you be in?

CONCLUSION: Share illustration of the baby swallowing pills. USE PERCEPTIVE SENSES.

  1. Reunions at the first resurrection: Moms with their children, Sons with their parents. My meeting with my mom.
  2. Jesus, the Spirit and the Bride (God’s people) say: COME! – APPEAL: Revelation 22:16-17.


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About The Author

Edwin Cotto

With over 13 years of experience in apologetics, evangelism and youth directing, Edwin has worked with various ministries both in English and Spanish. Having had the opportunity to travel to various states in the USA, and also to Venezuela and Mexico, he has enjoyed the privilege of conducting evangelistic meetings and apologetics seminars. His education includes training in the Medical Field, Adult Education at Valencia College, Biblical Hebrew with the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, and Evangelism with Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism. He is furthering his academic studies in theology while also working as a bible worker for the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Ordained as an elder, Edwin's passion for ministry begins first at home with his wife and kids.

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