SERMON: Catch the little foxes

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Catch the Little Foxes
by Edwin M. Cotto

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INTRO: I am preaching this sermon for myself this morning. I pray it blesses you in the process. SHARE QUOTE. PRAY.

BODY: Read Songs 2:15 – SLIDE.

SECTION 1: Songs 2:15 in context.
1. Strong connection between the two lovers – verses 1-6.
2. The scenario is beautiful – verses 10-13.
4. “Spoil” = detroy, ruin.
5. From a SPIRITUAL perspective – Jesus is the vine (John 15:5).

RULES: Let’s read an example of a man who allowed those little things ruin his vines – Judges 13:1-5.  
-What were the special restrictions a Nazarite needed to live under?
-No razor to his head (verse 5)!
-More info in Numbers 6: No wine, strong drink, fresh or dried grapes (verse 3-4), Touch no dead body (verse 6)
-Interesting that his Mother had to obey some of these laws while Samson was in the womb (Judges 13:4, 13-14)

MORE RULES: Samson was an Israelite: Judges 13:1-2)
-As an Israelite, he also needed to obey Israelite laws such as:
-Don’t touch the dead body of an animal (Leviticus 5:2, 5)
-Sleep with women of other nations (Deut. 7:3-4)

SECTION 2: Back to the story…
1. LITTLE FOX: Marries a Philistine woman – Judges 14:1-3.
2. LITTLE FOX: Vineyards of Timnath – verse 5. What was Samson going in the “vineyards?”
3. LITTLE FOX: The Lion Carcase – verse 6-9.
4. INTERESTING THING IS – The spirit of the Lord still came to him! – verse 6.

SECTION 3: The Riddle…
1. Long story short, Samsons loses gives a riddle but loses the bet!
2. LITTLE FOX: Touches corpse of dead men – Judges 14:18-19.
3. INTERESTING THING IS – The spirit of the Lord still came to him! – verse 19a.

SECTION 4: The jawbone of an ass…
1. After setting the corns and vineyards on fire, Israelites agree to bring them Samson.
2. LITTLE FOX: Touches an animal corpse – Judges 15:13-14, 15. NOTE THE WORD “NEW.”
3. Takes the glory for himself – verse 16.
4. INTERESTING THING IS – The spirit of the Lord still came to him! – verse 14.
5. PATTERN: He fails, God is still with him, he fails, God is still with him…
7. Sleeps with a harlot – Judges 16:1.

SECTION 5: Delilah
1.  LITTLE FOX: Valley of Sorek – Judges 16:4 – SLIDES.
2. Story of Delilah – three times Samson LIES to her!
3. DAILY she urges him (verse 16)
4. FINALLY HE CAVES – VERSES 19-20 – “the Lord was departed from him!
6. What are the “little foxes” in your life? The TV? Worldly music? Alcohol? Drugs? Cigarettes? CATCH UP THE LITTLE FOXES!
7. TESTIMONY: I have felt myself slowly drifting from the Lord recently – and I recognized I was indulging in too many “little foxes.”

SECTION 6: Death of Samson
1. IN BRIEF – They took out his eyes and made him a slave.
2. Samson begs for one more chance – Judges 16:28-29 – and dies.
3. Samson could have repented and be reconciled to his vow (Num. 6:9, 12)
4. Samson FINALLY got to the point where he was totally DEPENDENT on God for victory!

2. Can you think of another bible character who had the greatest victory at his weakest point? JESUS!  – SLIDE.
3. Christ’s strength is made PERFECT in WEAKNESS – 2 Corinthians 12:9 – SLIDE
4. Only one other place in the bible that mentions Samson – Hebrews 11:32-34.
5. God’s people in the last days will also have to realize their utter dependence of God
Hebrews 11:39-40 and Rev. 14:1-5, 12 <—-  PATIENCE!
6. Appeal


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About The Author

Edwin Cotto

With over 13 years of experience in apologetics, evangelism and youth directing, Edwin has worked with various ministries both in English and Spanish. Having had the opportunity to travel to various states in the USA, and also to Venezuela and Mexico, he has enjoyed the privilege of conducting evangelistic meetings and apologetics seminars. His education includes training in the Medical Field, Adult Education at Valencia College, Biblical Hebrew with the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, and Evangelism with Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism. He is furthering his academic studies in theology while also working as a bible worker for the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Ordained as an elder, Edwin's passion for ministry begins first at home with his wife and kids.

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