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Posted by Edwin M. Cotto

The latest attack comes from an evangelical minister named Allen Parr, who is a well known YouTuber on Facebook. Parr is known for speaking on controversial topics in his videos ranging from women in ministry to marital relations in the context of the Christian experience. His videos are educational and appreciated by many believers online.

At one point he made a video endorsing Seventh-day Adventism. Even though he disagreed with various doctrines, his conclusion was that Adventists are Christians and should be embraced as such.

Then something changed.

After doing what he termed as “digging deeper,” he came to the opposite conclusion, made two videos attacking Adventism and the Sabbath, and brought down his previous video. Here’s the video of his attack on Adventism:

Click HERE to go directly to Allen’s YouTube channel.

Immediately we took up arms. Adventists flocked to his videos to comment and try to address many of his arguments. Replies began to take place wherever the video was shared, especially on Facebook groups. One Adventist YouTuber, Greg Sereda from BibleFlockBox released two video responses, one responding to the first video Allen made (where Allen endorsed Adventism but expressed disagreements with a few doctrines), and another replying to Allen’s video attacking Adventism’s understanding of the seventh-day Sabbath:

Click HERE to go directly to Greg’s YouTube page.

It is our opinion that Allen is highly misinformed and has probably been influenced by anti and/or former Adventists. Actually I am pretty sure I know exactly which anti-Ellen White website Allen took some of his information from. Some of the misinformation in his two videos including, but are not limited to:

-Saying that Adventists hide what they actually believe from other believers.
-Saying that Adventists do not believe in assurance of salvation.
-Saying that Adventists view Ellen G. White’s writings as equal to the Bible.
-Denying the work of Christ as intercessor in the Heavenly Sanctuary.
-Saying that one of the problems with Ellen G. White was that she was a “woman.”
-Various unsound anti-sabbatarian arguments.

I want to clarify a few things with Allen so I posted twice on his video a request for dialogue:

No response.

So, we are now working on a response to Allen’s first video, after which we will do a response to his second video. Allen and the world needs to see that not only do Adventists have a response, but that the response is absolutely biblical and sound.

Due to the amount of labor and time needed, we welcome any contributions you may be able to donate for this effort (to donate, click HERE). We are also looking for sponsors. We will advertise your business or ministry at the commencement of these video responses and they will remain there for the life of the videos. Expected reach should be in the thousands, worldwide. If you’d like to partner with us, CONTACT US today!

Pray for this effort. That’s the best contribution we can all give. And pray for Allen Parr.

Stay tuned,
Edwin M. Cotto
Adventist Defense League


(01/27/2021) We have moved forward with creating our video response and have created a promo video. CLICK HERE to watch!


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