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Since we started this ministry, we have received many wonderful comments and emails like these by people thanking us for the work we do.

And this is why we do it. We desire only to teach the truth, defend it, and help usher in the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We praise God and him only for the good that has been done so far!

Overall, a deeper understanding of God’s Word and the present truth that it gives us relevant to our times will draw people closer to the savior and prepare them for his soon return. That is the most satisfying thing for us and it is what has at first led us to begin this work.  We started small, preaching in the parks, handing out literature, preaching to people in the streets. God has blessed our efforts so much that we have also been given the opportunity to preach at events, at schools, and even appear on 3ABN!

God has been moving us to different places in order to reach souls. We want to get the good news out, unstained, pure, that every soul may learn of Christ quickly. But our efforts have been hindered by the current attack by anti and former Adventist brethren. This is where the Adventist Defense League was born.

There are those who don’t have the time to go out and preach or teach, but you can still help further the gospel. This is your chance to be part of this growing movement. Help us help others! And you will benefit in doing so. We set up a way where you can help via PAYPAL link. Simply click that link and send in whatever God has placed in your heart!

Thank you in advance for your contribution. We pray God blesses you as you bless others!

Yours Respectfully,

Edwin M. Cotto,
The Advent Defense League

I am so glad that I found this site. this is what I looking for. I need this info. to learn and to be prepare for the last days.The good Lord may bless all.

Hi Edwin, fantastic work in defending the truth. God bless you. Also, thank you very much for clarifying my doubts! I’ll continue to learn from you…

Hi Edwin, you guys are doing a great work for the Master. You are indeed given reasons for your faith to anyone who question you. What marvels me is the Bible centered answers you provide. Thank God for such.

Volunteering – Another way you can help

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