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From decisions made TO nearly being killed!

Sunday morning picture with a few of the people who attended before leaving. Names in this article have been changed. Posted by Edwin M. Cotto06/01/2021 "I finally got to the point where I can actually say, 'I love God.'" said brother Marlon with tears in his eyes....


Posted by Edwin M. Cotto12/08/2020 The latest attack comes from an evangelical minister named Allen Parr, who is a well known YouTuber on Facebook. Parr is known for speaking on controversial topics in his videos ranging from women in ministry to marital relations in...


Posted by Edwin M. Cotto05/01/2020 I was worried about what was coming next, “Now let’s look at some difficult texts that seem to say the opposite of what we just learned,” I told them, but it’s been years since I’ve studied those texts, and I was not prepared. Those...

It’s Saturday, But Sunday Laws are coming

Article by Colleen Tinker, Proclamation! Magazine Posted by Carlos Santibanez04/09/2020      In a recent piece issued by the former Adventist online journal Proclamation!, Colleen Tinker expresses how Adventism is basically almost done within...

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