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This section contains sermon outlines that have been preached in churches of various places. Feel free to use any one of these sermon outlines for all your ministry needs. There is no need to give credit to this ministry or the particular author of the sermon. Take it and use it as God inspires you. We only ask that you always make an appeal at the end and call the people to make a decision for Christ!



Brokenby Edwin M. Cotto NOTE: This sermon is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. While the outline is free, we do ask for a donation of your choice. If you would like this PowerPoint, donate by clicking here and leave a comment saying “For Broken...


Caught by Surpriseby Edwin M. Cotto INTRO: The Johnstown Flood. 2,209 people died. Bodies found 350 miles away (as Gainesville to Miami Beach). Father looking through his window, held his daughter on his couch, as the flood took them away. Caught by surprise.BODY:...

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